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Very happy and excited!

Was talking to new boss Sheila (new boss Gary is now old boss Gary) and told her "I've officially lost enough weight that I need all new clothes; is there any reason we have to wear scrubs in the pharmacy? She said "No, anything that doesn't interfere with your ability to do your job is fine." WHOO-HOO! I went out yesterday and bought grown-up clothes. I'm too lazy to try anything on so I just guessed size 12 and everything fit perfectly when I got home. One pair of pants looked so good I'm going to go back and see if they had it in other colors.

Something the entire pharmacy is NOT happy about is that when the ownership changed hands the local union started making waves trying to unionize the whole hospital. Now up until now only the nurses had a union and apparently the cafeteria workers and housekeeping are very keen on this but we 100% don't want it in the pharmacy because there is absolutely nothing in it for us. We work 8 hour days, have healthcare, paid vacations, 401ks, time and a half overtime and holiday pay, and our raises are tied to when the nurses get them. There is literally nothing they can do for us aside from having a happy hour. Lorraine actually got in a fight with one of them in the hall who was saying "Well, don't you want more holidays?" No. And then she said, I forget, something else inane (I think more vacation days), and Lorraine was like "NO!!!" Most of us can't hardly use our vacation days fast enough, and can usually take time off whenever we want as long as there are enough people to cover all the shifts. So we're fighting this tooth and nail. One of the pharmacists said "I just won't pay my dues." and I said "I tried that when I worked at FAO Schwarz and you know what they do? They garnish your last check when you leave." Here's a real shocker: They decided to have an ice cream social. The union is all "come to the cafeteria for a free ice cream!" When people went they had to sign a sheet, which is nothing unusual; we have to do that when the hospital is giving us thanksgiving dinner and stuff to make sure we're not double dipping. Karen went down and very nicely asked for some ice cream and was told to sign the sheet, to which she replied "Why do I have to sign a sheet? Are you or not giving away ice cream." And the lady grumbled and said "FINE" and gave her the ice cream. (Do you see where this is going - because WE sure didn't!) Next thing we hear is they got their 30% minimum votes needed and the union was approved. Now there are red flags going up all over: there was never a vote. It turns out they used the list from the ice cream social and said it was a petition to get the union in. Can you fucking believe that? Lorraine consulted the lawyer the hospital keeps on hand (didn't need to have a union to have that either!) and he said "Oh I've dealt with these scumbags before. What you have to do is have the people who signed and don't want the union to sign something saying they were misled as to what they were signing." Simple right? Lorraine went around and a ton of people signed it. She presented it to them and followed up a couple days later and the lady said "Oh we checked with the hospital and only two of the people on that list actually work at the hospital." THE SAME PEOPLE ON THEIR LIST! CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW INFURIATING THIS IS?! We are dealing with some real pieces of shit here. And that's what you missed on Glee.


For internet friend David who had his 1D fanfic actually published! Had to change the names and take it offline (obviously) but this is the only second 1D fic I've known being published [Loving the Band - digital download.] I have seen pics of people with "These Inconvenient Fireworks" in hard copy but NO IDEA where they got them.
I hit almost all the lights green and made it in like 6 minutes: that almost never happens. I didn't even get boxed in by slo-pokes! Yes sir, I'm living the charmed life, you betcha!

I let myself in and go to the kitchen where I've found I left almost an entire carton of milk on the counter 8 hours and had to dump it down the drain. It's always SOMETHING. I finally manage to clean the kitchen table of all the junk mail and shred statements and take out the trash then I realize: where did that $50 rebate gift card go? I finally manage to do some laundry only to find there was a chapstick in my pants pocket and now a load of clothes has greasy, pink stains all over it. I'm not so upset about my scrubs, I'll still wear them like "meh", but there was a really nice, classy sweater that was one of my few "grown-up" pieces I'm actually going to try to salvage. Sometimes I feel like it's one step forward/two steps back. Me: "Look how grown-up I am!" Universe: "Not so fast..."

I gotta tell you though, my rent is paid, my gas tank is full, I have money in the bank, two backup jugs of Smirnoff, and a job to go to tomorrow. You can't ask for more than that. (You can but you'd be a dick.)

The new CEO seems too good to be true

He's having these meetings about how they're going to improve the hospital and all the new business they're contracting and if you have something you want him to know there is a comment sheet on every chair and if you want to be anonymous there is also a blank recipe card you can comment on.

I have never seen a more genuine, transparent person in my life. He seems 100% no bullshit in the most diplomatic way possible. When people held up their hands for questions he would call them by name...BECAUSE HE BOTHERED TO LEARN OUR NAMES! I have worked with some of these nurses for like 5 years and can't remember their names.

I overflowed both the comment sheet and the comment card because I finally felt my voice mattered.
Apparently this kid in Chicago went missing and when they found his body rolled up in a gym mat he'd been eviscerated and stuffed with newspaper. They showed a picture of him and his eyes were missing and his whole head was all distorted. It was horrible. Who would even think of something like that? And it must've happened AT the school and you know there was more than one person involved and the school is trying to cover it up and say it was an "accident". "Oops I disemboweled myself again, I'm so embarrassed I'm going to hide in the gym mat!" Are you freaking kidding me?! And just because this school doesn't want to look bad there are some savage monsters roaming around free. Who knows what they're capable of!!! Can you imagine being that kid's parents? Dear God. They actually SCOOPED HIS BRAINS OUT! What kind of psychopath even comes UP with that? Who manages to get other people to help them?!

I really wish I could un-see that picture. I'm afraid to go to sleep now.

Just back from the latest Bieber movie

And glad to have re-lived a little of the live show. He's so gifted and so talented and you get to see some of the writing process.

And then they let him talk.

I can see he knows what he wants to say and just can't say it like a coherent person. Like he sees it and can't figure out the words? I'm convinced he has some sort of learning disability or is maybe autistic or has Aspergers or is an idiot savant. I mean you cannot write these songs and learn this elaborate choreography and not be intelligent.

Edit: it's so frustrating.

Hot Mike is back...with moustache. :(

He showed up wanting Robutissin because he has a cold and was like "Seriously let me know what you think."

Sabrina and I said "Hate it." He turned to Joyce and she said very politely "I prefer the clean-shaven look."

He said "Wow, at least you gals are honest."

I just can't with the facial hair because of that one bit of "World According to Garp".

When husbands say all the wrong things

So he's watching "White Christmas" and says "Do you know this was the first movie shot in VistaVision?" I said "Yes actually I did a paper on VistaVision vs. CinemaScope in college." Then he goes on to say "The woman who is not Rosemary Clooney..." (She has a name. It's Vera Ellen and she was very respected for her dancing and Danny Kaye barely kept up with her.) "...she is so skinny! Her waist was as big as my wrist! She made Rosemary Clooney look fat, which she totally wasn't, at least not then."

Where do I start? "Yes, Vera Ellen had an eating disorder. For some reason Edith Head decided to glamorize it." I went on to tell him "If you ever see a cookbook from the 40s or 50s there are recipes like "Broth with a stalk of celery" because that was considered a healthy meal for a grown woman if need be to "keep her figure". If it was a festive occasion like a holiday you were permitted to put a pat of butter on top of your broth. ONE. ONE pat of butter. ON BROTH.

Don't get me started on how Bing Crosby was twice Rosemary Clooney's age during filming but that's totally ok and if I say "Oh say that fella from the boy band where everyone is over 21 is kinda cute!" everything gets red flagged.

I hate today already and it's only 9:30.
I'm popping into various stores in the mall looking for a necklace to wear to see Kendall and Dustin (I've heard encouraging things that it's a more adult crowd, which will probably be a slam dunk in San Francisco because despite the fact that the ticket says "All Ages" it's a) in a bar/nightclub, b) pretty much nobody in SF has kids.) so I wanted to do a grown-up outfit.

I wade through Target and Kohl's without seeing anything I like so I cross the hall to Macy*s and see the Salvation Army x-mas tree and I always try to do Toys for Tots or something this time of year because it's what you do and I can. I kind of have issues with Salvation Army as a charity because they're so Jesus-y and anti-gay but I looked anyway. I figure the toys or whatever are going right to the kids and they're not skimming anything off the top for something I can't get behind like if you donate to the bucket. Usually I like to get something for a boy and something for a girl. Also I'm curious as to what's happening with kids, not having any myself, unless you count Big Time Rush - HA!

So the boys' tags are pretty standard: video games, skateboards, mp3 players, DVDs, etc. No one shooting for the stars really. Between both the guys and girls there is this middle ground of the ones you know were filled out by the parents: "Pajamas, socks, something Disney..." which tugs at your heart a bit, and then I look at this one girl's and snorted that she asked for the One Direction perfume. I snorted because it's like $65 and I was like "Hey babe, aim high!"

I walk into Macy*s and this door is right into the perfume department. I ask someone if there's like a travel-size version of the 1D perfume (Because they had a bunch of purse-sized Bieber stuff at Kohl's but that smells nasty.) They tell me it's too new really for that because usually it's first the perfume itself, and if that sells well then they do the gift sets, then the purse-size stuff is the last milking it. (They didn't word it that way, lol.) And sure enough (Just in time for the holidays!!!) I run smack into the Our Moment gift set display; it's the perfume and a lotion and a shower gel and packaged SO SO PRETTY!!!


I was like "I WANT IT!" but calmer heads prevailed and said "You have already bought this perfume 3 times: 1) to wear, 2) to hoard in mint condition and sell on eBay in 20 years, and 3) for Tiffany's going away present." also "You can't even wear perfume to work and have officially more perfume than you can use in your entire lifetime."

So I'm 3/4 the way home and make a u-turn and head right back to the store and grab that tag off the tree and the set off the shelf and wander over to a random register and ask to buy it and the woman rings me up saying "This is really popular!" then asks if I need a bag. (There's a new law here now where you aren't allowed to use a plastic bag, and if someone needs a paper one there is a 10 cent charge.) I say "No, actually this is for the Salvation Army tree, do you know where I drop it off? [brandish tree tag] It says something about the mall office but not where it is."

She says "WHAT?! I don't... JAY!!!"

The uber-camp man residing over every upscale perfume department minces over and goes "OH! You should see the girls go crazy over this!" The salesgirl tells him "It's a charity gift for the Salvation Army tree...where does she take it?" He was flummoxed so I prompted "It says mall management on a sign out by the tree I just don't know where that is." He's like hyperventilating at this point and going "Oh god, oh god I wish they'd told us about this!" (To be fair I'm going to guess they don't get a lot of kids wanting perfume for Xmas) and he said "I'm not sure it's where you're supposed to take it but mall management is [blah blah blah]...WOW!"

I take it to mall management and ask "Is this where I leave the Salvation Army gift?" She says "Yes" so I hand it to her with the tag; as I'm walking out she lifts the tag and goes "OH WOW!"

I know they ask for the gifts to be unwrapped and I hope it's because the parent/s can wrap the gift in "their" wrapping paper and the kid thinks it's from them.